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Actively respond to price adjustment-hydraulic fitting

Jul. 13, 2021

Due to the influence of the national export policy, 13% of the products were cancelled export tax rebate and the price of raw materials fluctuated. The current price is relatively adjusted.

Our main products, hydraulic ferrule, hydraulic fitting, hydraulic adapters have received varying degrees of cost increases

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At present, the pressure of rising costs is aimed at the whole fitting industry. It is not only two or three factories that are affected, but all factories. So don't worry about the price adjustment.

Factors in China all affecting costs

1. The cancellation of the direct 13% export tax rebate resulted in a substantial reduction in gross profit and a great impact on prices

2. Affected by the price fluctuation of raw materials, the price of raw materials has been rising since last year, which has also directly led to the sharp rise of production costs

In this grim situation, our company is also actively trying to interpret the changes in market supply and demand, and actively take more measures to reduce the impact on production costs

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