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New coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Yiwu City

Aug. 19, 2022

New coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Yiwu City

  Prevention and control work command office

  August 18, 2022

  Yiwu on the adjustment of the new coronavirus epidemic risk area notice

  According to the current needs of prevention and control of the epidemic in Yiwu City, in accordance with the State Council to respond to the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic joint prevention and control mechanism integrated group "new coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control program (ninth edition)" relevant provisions, after comprehensive research and evaluation, the city epidemic prevention and control command decided.

  Since 0:00 on August 19, 2022, Yiting Town Wangqian Administrative Village Wangqian a natural village No. 549, No. 563, No. 585-588, No. 593, No. 595, No. 598, No. 600, No. 678, Choucheng Street City South River - Chouzhou West Road - Chouzhou Middle Road - East Yi Road - Workers North Road - Binwang Road - City Central North Road - City North Road - Yiwu River - City South River combined area, from The risk area is adjusted to a low-risk area. The above-mentioned areas are released from the silent management status.

  After the adjustment, the city's medium-risk area is: the entire area of Jiangdong Street.

  In the medium-risk area of the security supply, hospitals, maintaining social security and livelihood order of the basic operation of the unit is not included in the closure control.

  Silent management of the region to continue to implement the "foot does not leave the district", the distribution of household goods to the point, the wrong time to take things and participate in nucleic acid sampling and other requirements. Medium-risk areas still implement the existing control measures. Please raise the awareness of risk prevention, fulfill personal responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, consciously comply with the laws and regulations related to epidemic prevention and control, obey the village (community) epidemic prevention and control management, and support and cooperate with the city's epidemic prevention and control work.

  Yiwu City New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic

  Prevention and Control Command

  August 18, 2022




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