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bauma CHINA Community

Nov. 03, 2020

bauma CHINA Community is a virtual platform for you to easily link your clients, peers and partners in the construction industry. Set up live chat or schedule a video meeting with any attendees, you can make your social relationship and business opportunities always online.

bauma CHINA Community :

Zhejiang Shihui Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Main Products :

· Ferrule :1SN Ferrule,2SN ferrule,4SH/4SP Ferrule,R13 Interlock ferrule

· Hose fitting:Metric hose fitting,BSP hose fitting,JIC Hose fitting,ORFS Hose fitting,SAE Hose fitting,NPT Hose fitting

· SAE flange

· banjo Fitting

· Hydraulic adapter:Metric adapter,BSP adapter,JIC adapter,ORFS adapter,NPT adapter,SAE adapter,BSPT adapter,NPSM adapter

· Customized fittings&Adapters

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