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difference between hydraulic adapter and other fittings

Jun. 18, 2022

What is the difference between hydraulic adapters and other fittings? What are the characteristics?

When it comes to hydraulic adapter, it is likely that many people do not know much about it, but those who have applied it know that compared to other pipe joints, the advantages of hydraulic adapter are also obvious, so now the vast majority of people are choosing joints, or choosing more. One significant difference between hydraulic adapter and other fittings is that the materials are different. Other fittings commonly use more types or materials, but the materials of hydraulic adapters  are generally made of metal materials and copper. It is because the materials are generally made of tough stainless steel plate and copper, so its Z-high characteristic is the great resistance to pressure. As long as its pressure resistance is strong enough, then the adapter is durable enough, and the standard of use is naturally more extensive.

In the hydraulic system software, the hydraulic adapter is generally a adapter, and the hydraulic adapter itself is needed because of the sudden rupture of the hydraulic delivery pipe and the visual impact of the oil. There is also the fact that it is very convenient in the assembly process.

Because the essence of the place is to have another transition place in the middle of 2 adapters with difference, although this joint is hydraulic, it is also convenient to assemble the upper side. There are also some adapters, such as hydraulic adapters, in some parts of the "pressure" ring or diameter seal leakage, the root cause of the "pressure" ring brittle or deformation caused by leakage; "pressure "pressure" shaped ring used "pressure" shaped ring, "pressure" type seal due to "pressure" shape and cause leakage; "pressure "pressure" shaped ring and other parts of the leakage; "pressure" shaped ring and other joints appear leakage; "pressure" shaped ring and other joints appear leakage; "pressure" shaped ring and other fittings appear leakage.#hydraulicfitting #hydraulicadapter

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