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hydraulic fitting Applications in agricultural machinery

Jun. 25, 2022

Hydraulic fittings&adapters have the advantages of high power, easy installation, easy control, convenient and comfortable operation, low failure rate and easy maintenance. They are very suitable for agricultural machinery with diverse structures and poor working conditions. With the development of economy and technology, agricultural technology is also progressing, providing sufficient food resources for the social development of our country. With the development and progress of mechanization, the application of hydraulic technology within the field of agriculture has become more and more extensive, and agricultural mechanization has become the necessary road of agricultural development now. The advantage of agricultural mechanization is to improve the efficiency of agricultural production, the development of mechanization can use a large number of agricultural machinery and equipment to liberate labor and further improve the efficiency of agricultural production. Improving production efficiency is directly equivalent to increasing income for farmers to ensure agricultural productivity, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, and achieving common prosperity. Agricultural mechanization and has formed a huge market. Global sales of hydraulic components have exceeded $20 billion, and the output value of China's hydraulic industry has reached $8 billion. According to its importance calculation, in foreign developed countries, the market share of agricultural machinery hydraulic components has always ranked in the top five, and the demand for agricultural machinery hydraulic components in China has exceeded four million pieces. Among all domestic industries, the number is the largest. In the 21st century, the application of hydraulic technology in agricultural machinery has shown a rapid development momentum.

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