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latest trading data surprises the market

Dec. 09, 2020

latest trading data surprises the market

In November 2020, China's has just published another astonishing international trading data. The country's total export, the measure by US dollars, reached 268 billion US dollars, which is 21.1 percent more than the data reported in the same month of 2019.

Strong demand for Chinese goods amid the global pandemic resulted in a large rally of China's currency. From this May to November, the exchange rate between the US dollars and the yuan plummeted from 7.16 to 6.53. This large rally of the Chinese yuan shows the important special contribution that the Chinese economy is making to the world during the fighting against the virus that is hurting the global economy.

Overall speaking, the international trade of China is very promising at this moment. This latest set of data shows the trade of China is not only making strong support to the Chinese economy but is also making solid support to the global economy amid a hard time of the global pandemic.

 Due to the impact of the market’s recovery, our company’s current overall order status is good, and all machines have been working overtime.

As of today, all production orders for this month have been filled, and all employees are working overtime to complete the delivery as soon as possible.

We are more optimistic about the overall market next year

Also thank all new and old customers for their support

We will demand ourselves with higher standards and quality, and provide you with better products and services

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